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Just A Little Surge Of Moisture 

I love things that are miniature. Being on the diminutive side myself, I relish any opportunity to feel like a giant and, so yes, holding a tiny bottle of Bombay Sapphire or a titchy vial of Benetint between my thumb and forefinger is a delight which never fails to amuse and empower me.

As such, you can imagine my joy when it comes to hand-luggage only holiday toiletries shopping - there are actually dedicated miniature aisles (of dreams). I got so carried away that on a recent jaunt, I was stopped at airport security because my clear liquids bag actually wouldn't close! (I had to ditch a mini aftersun & mini hair serum in the end to seal the bag)

My most recent purchase, however, came once I got into duty free. After my first ever facial last month (I know, I wish I hadn't put it off so long either)  I discovered that my skin - which I had long thought was oily - was, in fact, dry and I was advised to invest in a rich moisturiser. Having been a little terrified of adding to (what I thought was) excess oil I had naturally steered clear of thicker creams, opting instead for a routine of Simple, Vaseline and moisturising sunscreen. 

I now needed to dip my toe (or should that be face?) into the world of luscious, indulgent moisturisers and what better way to do that than with a miniature? 

Enter stage left, Clinique Moisture Surge which at 15ml and pretty as a picture pink, promised 'extended thirst relief' which was just what the esthetician ordered. 

Well, this little pot sure does pack a punch! It goes on silky smooth - rubbing it into my face felt luxurious and soothing. I'm already seeing the results, with plumper looking skin and maybe even a bit of a glow.

Just a little dab provided quite a lot of coverage and I've used it every day since I bought it. 

Next step: graduate to the full size jar!





Words By Kayleigh Mcleod

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