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I’m someone who tends to struggle with dark circles and puffy under eyes, so I’m always on the lookout for products that can help minimise the appearance of these.

Here are a few products and treatments I’ve found have helped me. 

Transformative Eye Serum from The Jojoba Company, £42.50 for 15ml

This lightweight serum boasts a powerhouse of ingredients including iPeptide which smooths the eyes and reduces eye bags and dark circles; IBR-Snowflake which is a plant extract that boasts to be a natural alternative to botox; and jojoba leaf extract, which helps enhance barrier function, restore moisture and improve skin strength and firmness. 

The good things with this serum is it promises both immediate improvements such as a smoothing of fine lines, as well as longer term benefits, including the reduction in the volume of eye bags and dark circles.

I’ve been using this product – which comes in a 15ml bottle size – for around two months now, and I am noticing a difference. Lines around my eyes look less pronounced, and the overall eye appearance looked fresher and a little tighter. I’m noticing a slight reduction in the darkness of my under eye circles and I’m excited to see the effects after another month or so of use. 

Tropics Hydrogel Eye Masks £15 for a pack 

These biodegradable gel masks go onto your eyes for about 25-30 minutes and are lovely and cooling to wear. I find them perfect to stick on while I had my feet up watching the TV! You can also put them on before going to bed to work away while you sleep, and unlike some other eye masks, they actually do stay put on your face.  

Aloe vera juice, red algae extra and bio-peptides work together to help smooth, clarify and moisturise the skin, and for me they work as an instant boost for my eyes.

I’m a big fan of popping them on at night as a relaxing treatment for my eyes, but I’ve also used them straight before going to important events, such as weddings, for an instant plumping and smoothing treatment for my eyes. They’re great for a quick fix.

CACI Eye Lift – price varies depending on clinic 

The CACI Non-Surgical Facelift is well known in the beauty industry, and the company now also offers a whole host of other treatments to tackle other skin concerns too, including a Non-Surgical Eye Lift, and their Eye Revive treatment.

For anyone not familiar with it, CACI uses microcurrents to lift muscles, stimulate circulation and boost your collagen and elastin levels. The treatment was originally developed to treat facial palsy by “re-educating” the muscles, and often used to help those who had Bell’s Palsy. 

The treatment I went for was purely for cosmetic/appearance purposes, and many people like me are choosing to try out CACI rather than going under the knife to treat their skin concerns, such as bags, lines and face sagging caused by ageing.

Eye Revive was the one I opted for, going for six sessions. (Up to ten are generally recommended depending on the level of treatment needed.) It’s used to lift and firm the muscles around the eyes – particularly where you might lose definition, such as the eye lids, which can become ‘hooded’. Eye Revive uses serum filled microcurrent rollers to help reduce puffiness and darkness, with treatments taking around 30 minutes. 

I noticed a small improvement, with a reduction in the darkness of circles under the eye area, but I think I might need to add on a few more sessions before I notice a big improvement with the lines under my eyes. 

By Gill Harvey