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Benefit’s boi-ing concealer range will brighten up your day… and skin! 

Concealer – something I have a love / hate relationship with. I apply it and thank the lord something has hidden those dark circles accumulated from too many late nights partying over the years. Then, I walk out the door and happen to catch myself in the office mirror and shriek – ‘where did those lines come from? I didn’t look like that an hour ago!’

You see, I often find concealers settle in the fine (not-so-fine now, sadly) lines around my eyes and actually accentuate any problems, rather than hide them.

Thankfully though, I maybe have found my saviour in benefit’s boi-ing collection.

I was sent 4 items from the range to try – and my favourite is the new boi-ing airbrush concealer.

Why? It is light and glides on like a dream, with just enough coverage to hide the dark shadows and lines, without settling in the creases and adding years to me!

As the name suggests; it’s like having an airbrush function in your make-up bag. Hallelujah. I found it lasted all day and when heading out from the office to the pub for a post-work, I simply dabbed on a little more and looked refreshed and ready to party.

It’s not in the shops till July but, at £17.50 (as with all in the range), it is well worth the wait as a little goes a long way.

The brightening concealer in the range is also a dream for those of you, like me, a little darker under those peepers.

This little pot of joy contains brightening melon undertones which help hide any discolouration.

Slightly heavier than its airbrush sister; I found this one great for a night, when I was wearing a heavier foundation.

Speaking of slightly heavier – the boi-ing industrial strength concealer is perfect if you have something to hide.

I found it a little heavy when I tried it around my eyes, but it may suit someone young, looking to even out the tone there.

Where it worked a treat for me however was in covering the odd spot and the broken veins that have appeared around my frown lines. Where do these come from when you get over 30? I like to think from laughing and enjoying life – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

The industrial strength pot will now be my go-to for blending with my foundation and covering any blemishes that decide to take up residence on my face!

Last, but by no means least – there’s the hydrating concealer. Containing Vitamin E and apple seed extract; I found this light and perfect for giving under my eyes a little boost half way through the day.

I often find that by lunchtime my face looks tired and grey, working in an air-conditioned office, but a quick smear on of this stick on my break and I felt my under eyes looked hydrated and ready to face an afternoon of meetings.

I also think this is going to be a dream on holiday, teamed with a tinted moisturiser and a smear of mascara, to give that fresh, sun-kissed feel, hiding any blemishes but still letting sun-kissed skin shine through.

Light and no fuss application; it’s a winner in my eyes.

The boi-ing range can boing its way into my make-up bag any day.






Words By Laura Boyd

Categories: Product Reviews