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Be my Valentine


You’ll fall matte-ly in love with Kiko Milano’s Valentine’s collection

It’s flirty February folks and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you love all the cards, teddies and roses associated with February 14 or cringe at the thought of a day dedicated to all things romance; one thing’s for sure – you will love Kiko Milano’s limited edition Matte For You St. Valentine Collection.

We’re big fans of Kiko here at Lipstick Lounge HQ because the products deliver, dazzle and delight the purse strings – they are so reasonable and perfect for adding a quick, stylish fix to your make-up bag. This collection is no different.

I puckered up with the Heart-Shaped Lipstick. Now, I love cute packaging and this little stick of joy has that in spades.

A sexy silver outer with the words ‘romance, heart and kisses’ on it – this lipstick was off to a good start, but, of course, just as with our other halves – it’s what’s on the inside that count  .Thankfully, this product does not disappoint. The stick is, as the name suggests heart-shaped and I actually found it helped me add a perfect cupid’s bow to my lips.                                                                                                                                                                                          

I sampled Red Velvet Kiss which was bold, yet had enough shine and moisture not to dry out my pout. Perfect for puckering up with!

Cause it’s all about the smooching on Feb 14th, obvs, I also tried out the Soft Lip Pen in Sensual Sangria. I like a dark lip and really enjoyed this colour on its own but it also makes for the perfect blend with the heart-shaped lipstick, as it adds a little depth and shadow to the outer edge. Yes folks; it’s not just our cheeks and chins that need the fine art of contouring shadows anymore. Shading on the lips is big news and this pen helps create the dramatic effect.

With both the lipstick and the pen coming in at £6.95 each; show your fabulous face some love this February with these goodies.

I also tried out the Multicolour Blush from the range. Now I’m not going to lie: I have two Kiko blushers (one for day, one for night) which I wear all the time as they not only add colour, they also add a delicate shimmer to my cheeks and I love this. This little blush had a lot to live up to.

Although very slightly too pink on first application for my liking, I tried it again, avoiding too much of the obviously rosy colour and was really happy with the results. There are three shades in one little compact, along with a mirror, meaning you can customise the look to suit your skin-tone / time of day. The colour lasted and I felt glowing, which is perfect when you want to look and feel your best on a romantic night out. At £9.95, I know this is good value as my other Kiko blushers have lasted me for months and are still going strong.

Kiko’s latest collection certainly gets all the love from me this Valentine’s Day.



Words by Laura Boyd

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