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Tan Smoothie

Fake it with Tan Smoothie


The unexpected recent blast of gorgeous weather caught me somewhat off guard, and as I rifled through my wardrobe to dig out my summery dresses and wedges I hit one major snap: my peely-wally Scottish legs that hadn’t seen a glint of sunshine since last September!

Luckily I’d recently been given a sample of Tan Smoothie, a self tan with a ‘true colour guide’ meaning instant colour could be achieved while the longer lasting colour underneath developed. A true bonus in my book – plus a much easier way to avoid those horrible telltale streaks that you sometimes get when applying a clear product.

Tan Smoothie is an organic tan that contains essential fatty acids, promising to support and nourish the skin, not dry it out as some tanning products can.
And it did indeed glide on easily and smoothly, with an impressive bronzed colour developing, that made me look as if I’d spent two weeks on a Caribbean beach. Plus there was no horrible orange tint that some tans leave you with.

I actually found this tan incredibly easy to apply, with no streaking, and it faded evenly too. I was also pleased with the length of time it lasted – near on a week of colour, which on my skin is impressive.
And the gentle coconut scent made a nice change from the biscuity smell tans have become famous for.


Get Tan Smoothie from or outlets such as Amazon. RRP is £24.99 for a big 200ml bottle, and it’s currently on offer for £19.99.


Words by Gill Harvey

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