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Go Pro with bareMinerals

With a mind-boggling assortment of foundations on the market, it can be pretty difficult to figure out what one’s best for you.

Writing for Lipstick Lounge, it’s true we get lots of samples of new products to try. But one really caught my eye recently.

bareMinerals® BAREPRO™ Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF20 30ml was launched in early autumn last year and has since won a whole array of accolades, from Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2017’s Best Splurge Foundation , to the winner of the Look Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Foundation.

At £29, it’s certainly not the cheapest product on the market – but here’s why I think it’s worth every penny.

I often struggle with makeup feeling like it’s literally sliding off my face. If I’ve got a day during which I need to look polished and presentable, I’ve often got to top up my foundation at lunchtime to ensure this.

Not so with this offering. The first thing that struck me was just how brilliant the coverage was. My skin instantly looked smoother and more radiant, and dare I say ‘flawless’ after applying it. And it has a matte finish, it’s ideal for someone like me who struggles with oily outbreaks. 

You might think that all adds up to a cakey, heavy foundation, but not so. This is indeed a full coverage foundation, but after the initial application it simply sinks into the face – and stays put throughout the day, with a formulation that lets your skin breathe.

Still need more convincing? Papaya enzymes in the foundation actually help to exfoliate and improve skin’s texture while bamboo stem extract gives a blurring effect to minimise any imperfections. 

And with 30 shades to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You really can opt for a ‘second skin’ with this product!

I’m a huge fan. My only downside to this product is the slightly annoying application nozzle, which seems to sink down inside the bottle. But with what’s inside, I’m willing to compromise!

The Luxe Performance brush (£24), released to be used in conjunction with this product, is also a little wonder, with tapered bristles designed to help you easily blend the product. I like the fact it’s quite a solid stiff brush, letting me get right into hard to blend areas such as the side of the nose or the jaw-line. But if you don’t fancy splashing out on this don’t worry – the foundation works really well just blended with your fingers too! 

Check out for stockist details.

Words by Gill Harvey