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Finding makeup inspiration from the theatre.

Whilst Social media is hugely overflowing with trends, new products, what to do, what not to do, sometimes it can feel a bit confusing and overwhelming and I struggle to find inspiration .

However recently I was hugely inspired after visiting the Kings theatre in Glasgow

to watch The Buddy Holly production. Oh my goodness it was absolutely amazing!

It really got me thinking about the makeup, the outfits and the hair back in the 50’s when it looked like the ultimate classic glamour and individuality was fully there to be celebrated.

From the outfits to the hair and the music, the sheer joy of dancing to some of the most unique sounds and voices, it was pretty incredible to watch. 

This show is currently doing a tour of the UK and I honestly can’t recommend going to see it enough, I was really surprised as the tickets are so reasonable.

It’s the ultimate feel good show, where they love the audience to participate, if you choose to do so .

The amount of talented individuals in the cast left me completely stunned.
A flawless production which completely transported me back in time to an elegant era when the style, music and dancing really brought people so much happiness and joy.

I was sat a few rows back from a beautiful lady, and every single song that was sang on stage I could truly see meant something to her, the absolute joy beaming from her was just beautiful to see.

She was clapping, toe tapping and grinning from ear to ear … then La Bamba came on and she jumped to her feet dancing by herself! Everyone was cheering and clapping I couldn’t help but smile as it clearly meant so much to her and she wasn’t the only one, there were so many people up on their feet by this point enjoying the freedom to dance and just be in the moment it was really something special.

The audience all came together, cheered, laughed and probably cried a little too.

WAW honestly an absolutely incredible experience that I would go and see again in a minute.

I appreciate some people may think this maybe wouldn’t be for for them  … but for
for reference I’m 38 and I knew every single song and can’t type into words just how much I enjoyed it.
I’ve seen lots of shows in London, but this by far for me was the best show I’ve ever seen!

I think what I took away from this was not only the inspiration to create again which alone is amazing, but to enjoy the process of doing so even if it’s not in fashion.
Like I always say… individuality is always on trend and this show really does highlight this .
I created a modern day spin of the 50’s Glam and I thoroughly enjoyed the process .
Listening to all the music from the show whilst doing my makeup!

*Some key products I used here were*

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick- Red carpet
Makeup by Mario – Eyeshadow palette
Makeup by Mario – Brow Gel

Pat McGrath – Foundation
Charlotte tilbury- Cream bronzer
Elf – Liquid poreless putty primer
Kosas – Cloud set powder
Kosas-Brow pop pencil
Hourglass – Ambient lighting palette

*All achieved using my Ilios light *

*This post isn’t sponsored in any way, tickets were purchased online and paid in full*

Words by Emma Branney