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The one that makes you glow with SPF40

A brand with an amazing mission …

To encourage ALL year round SPF protection

A new brand to be excited about- hello sunday where sun-care meets skincare is something they are proud to promote .

Hello sunday launched in 2021 and I couldn’t be happier when I discovered this little gem in Space NK.

This mission statement alone instantly drew me to the brand as I’m forever talking about the high importance of wearing SPF.

I choose to wear SPF faithfully all year round and it has taken me some time to find one that allows my makeup to glide on easily without the many issues we know a face SPF can sometimes cause when applying makeup over the top, a reason I think many could possibly be put off using one, so if that rings true with you then please read on …

There was a few things that drew my attention to this particular item in Space Nk .

Firstly I was intrigued with the fact this was a face oil that had a SPF 40, once sampled my eyes lit up at the glow this product instantly offered and how nourishing it felt.

On checking the price point I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was £24 for a 30ml bottle.

As I approach the end of my first bottle of this product , I can confidently tell you how I feel about it …

My skin soaked this oil up nicely and has really responded well to it.

I would apply the oil over my full face and neck and any left over I would use on the tops of my hands .

Here are some important, unique qualities this product and brand combined has to offer:-

*SPF 40

*Prevents and reduces dark spots & hyperpigmentation

*Helps improve dull complexion

*Fragrance free

*Fast absorbing on the skin

*Suitable for all skin types


*100% Vegan formula

*Sea friendly

This product in particular is the only one so far I have tried from this brand , but I’m now eager and excited to see what else they have to offer .

Overall I can say I would definitely buy this product again as the way my makeup sits after using it has really impressed me, the glow it offers is simply beautiful!

You can find hello sunday products in –

Space NK, Boots , Asos , Sephora Uk , Cult Beauty, John Lewis and online at hello sunday .

** On offer at Sephora for £14.40 right now! **

Words by Emma Branney

Instagram @ms_mua