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Nanshy, the British-born vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand advises on the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes!

In these times where we are more aware than ever that increased hygiene is key, we wanted to send a reminder of the best way to ensure your daily make up routine remains as hygienic as it can be. How to care for your brushes – recommended weekly washing your brushes on a regular basis may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but it’s easy and very satisfying.

Regular brush care will also prolong the life of your brushes. Nanshy offers both a quality brush cleaning pad and a cleaning soap designed specifically for brushes and makeup sponges. This formula of cleaning soap is anti-bacterial. Dampen brushes with warm water, work the brushes into the soap, making sure to gently circle the brush around so that the soap fully permeates each bristle from all sides. Then, run the brush under warm water. Gently push the soap and water out of the brush using your fingers. Run the brush under water until all the soap and makeup has come out, and then gently press the bristles of the brush together until all the excess water is removed. You may need to repeat this process more than once to get all the makeup out if it has built up over time. After you’ve washed your brushes reshape them and then leave them lying flat on a clean washcloth to dry, ideally over the edge of a surface so that air can circulate. Do not stand upright as moisture will travel down into the brush ferule. If you do this at night, they should be dry and fresh for you to use the next morning.

How to care for your brushes – daily This routine is to be put in use when daily hygiene is of key concern, it should not replace washing of tools. Using a proprietary brush cleaner, such as Parian spirit, spritz your brushes after each use and lightly buff on clean tissue. These types of formula will condition and disinfect. The synthetic bristles of Nanshy brushes ensure that they can be cleaned effectively with no damage to the bristles so ensuring longevity of your brushes. Please wash your make up sponges daily using cleaning soap. Allow to air dry.

Now is the perfect time to clean out your make up bag – pop it in for a gentle wash in your machine, if this is not possible then wipe inside and out thoroughly with anti-bacterial wipes. As always please do not share any of your make up brushes and tools with anyone, not even your BFF. Please be mindful of applying your make up on public transport – you cannot see those small germs flying around that train carriage. Ideally store your brushes in an especially designed brush holder with a lid or zipped up brush case. If you have been poorly with any type of illness it is an absolute must that you not only clean your make up brushes regularly and thoroughly but also to clean your products, you can purchase spray anti-bacterial products online that you can use on both cream and powder products to ensure they remain as hygienic as possible.

It goes without saying if you have had any type of eye infection you must throw away your mascaras and liners and take this opportunity to purchase some sparkly new products. Finally, if you are isolating at home take this chance to let your skin breathe and take a rest from full face make up. However, we all know a touch of brows, mascara and your favourite lip gloss are a perfect pick me up. Follow this routine and please share these brush hygiene tips with friends and family. Who says you can’t wear a bright red lip whilst still in your PJ’s?