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For many years to remove my makeup I’ve used micellar water with cotton pads, and I remember going through a heck of a lot of cotton pads to ensure all my makeup was off.

After this I would cleanse my skin , then start my skincare routine .

However I would always feel like no matter how much micellar water I used, I would never feel like my skin was fully rid of all the makeup .

Then I came across the Face uk multi use microfibre cleansing sponge , and all you needed to do to remove your makeup was add water ….. Straight away I was thinking, ok this is going to save me a huge amount of time and money as I went through copious amounts of micellar water and it took a long time to remove.

On receiving the sponges (they come with two in a pack) On one side of the sponge you remove your makeup by only adding water , then the next side you would use your preferred cleanser and go over your full face / neck with this, and to be extra sure a I do a little double cleanse.

The difference in my skin in doing this is huge, firstly I feel like my skin is SO much cleaner and there’s definitely a difference in the appearance of my skin .

I also love the amount of time I’m saving doing it this way compared to my previous routine of removing my makeup.

The face sponges can be re used many times you just pop them in the washing machine .

A pack of two sponges start from £11 which is excellent value for money and they also offer a personalised pack, where you can print the name of the person you are buying for, which I think is a really lovely touch, I’ve purchased a few of these for friends and family as I can’t recommend them enough , I’ll tell anyone that will listen to me about them!

So not only have I found that I have saved on not continually buying micellar water makeup remover , My skin also loves this change too , it feels squeaky clean, much softer and visibly looks much brighter.

The face sponges can be purchased on the Face uk website and I love the fact that this is a small local business based in Glasgow. Once ordered the delivery is always super speedy .

When you use these for the first time you will see and feel a big difference, after that you won’t want to use anything else and for sure won’t be wanting to buy makeup wipes or makeup remover again!

Cleanser Recommendation

Now this one is for sure a personal choice , however I can confidently recommend the Elemis Pro Cleansing Balm ,

it really is something special and leaves the most gorgeous glow to your skin .

I personally always like to try the smaller version of products first if I can , mainly to ensure my skin likes it and also that it lives up to my expectations before investing in the full size .

This Elemis cleansing balm is available in a small size and it’s around £12 if you see it grab it! As it tends to sell out very quickly, available at Sephora U.K, Selfridges and ASOS.

The face sponges are available at :-

Words by Emma Branney – Instagram @ ms_mua