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Lipofirm review

Lipofirm: it’s been given the thumbs-up by celebs from Ferne McCann to Katie Price, who have raved about treatments such as the brand’s non-invasive and now rather famous ‘bum lift’.

Promising fat removal, lymphatic draining and skin tightening – with results often visible from the very first session –
would I be as impressed as them?

With the gorgeous summer weather beckoning me outside and a holiday looming, the temptation to don strappy little dresses, tiny shorts and bikinis is high. But just like most women, I have plenty of body hang-ups that make me think twice before stripping off.

Lipofirm is used on all those body areas most of us girls struggle with – tums, bums, flabby backs and so on, and I decided to opt for treatment on two of my problem areas: my tummy and buttocks.
My therapist Laura, of Laura Porter Beauty in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, carried out a full consultation with me before getting to work. Gel was applied to the areas being worked on to allow the machine to glide easily, before she got to work.


[Photos above show one client at Laura Porter Beauty who had Lipofirm treatment on her stomach.]
Initially all I felt was a gentle heat. Then, as the treatment progressed, and the current became stronger, I experienced what was similar to being pinged by an elastic band, or even a very gentle shock. Honestly, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience – but certainly not painful, and more than bearable if you’re serious about trimming those hard to deal with areas!

I had a treatment of around 20 minutes on the buttock area and around 25 minutes on the tummy area, but your therapist will alter the time depending on different factors such as body type.

The great thing about Lipofirm treatments is that there’s absolutely no downtime. You could literally have a treatment in your lunch break and go back to work afterwards, and no one would be any the wiser. All you need to be aware of is watching your diet, including avoiding fatty foods and alcohol beforehand and for a few hours after and drinking plenty of water – which your therapist will fully advise you on.

For best results, a course of treatments is recommended. After just one, I have already noticed an improvement in the tone and tightness of my bottom. The texture of my tummy seems better too.There’s no doubt eating well and exercising are key in terms of looking after your body, but if you’re struggling to tackle specific parts of your body that just won’t tone up, Lipofirm might be just the thing to try.

I had my treatment at Laura Porter Beauty in Rutherglen; where sessions cost £100 per area: or call 0141 647 6285

Words by Gill Harvey