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Prime For Perfection 


A primer may sound like another unnecessary and expensive step to add to your makeup routine, but the right one can be a game changer. I absolutely love to use a good quality primer before applying my foundation and this has now come a rigid part of my daily make-up routine.

For some people this may be a step too far however this important step hugely makes a difference to many aspects of your overall make up finish. Two of the main factors are the benefits of smooth application as you apply your foundation and secondly the longevity of your makeup base.

I often find it difficult to rave about a primer however a recent beauty must have and market mover in the industry is Touch in Sol. As a company they offer a good few options to cater for people looking to achieve different finishes to their skin.

My personal favourite is their  “No Poreblem primer”. This product completely does what it says on the bottle and definitely puts that gentle spring into your skin giving you seamless cover whilst applying like silk. This product is currently marketed at a really good price and retails at £15 for 30ml making it an inexpensive ‘must have’ in your beauty bag.


Let Those Eyes Blossom

Eyes are the window to a woman’s beauty and with my eyes I generally tend to only wear one colour on my lid and then gently buff the shadow out so it creates a super soft look whist remaining not too structured.  I feel this simple trick works best for creating a super effective subtle look whilst still making your main eye colour pop.

For this look I used the Huda Beauty Nude palette which offers a good contrast of shades from nudes to plums and includes some essential sparkle too.


To Blush Or Not To Blush

Adding a splash of colour to the cheeks is stage which for me can never be missed. One of my favourite blushers at present is Milani Cosmetics. There products have the most amazing texture and goes a long way to achieving that pretty pink cheekiness which is absolutely perfect for adding that little extra glow.

On the other hand if I have tan on the best pigmented blush is 100% fake bake, this little one  sits so perfectly with tan and gives that impeccable burst of colour and gleam at the same time.


Keep on glowing

Love ms_mua x