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Pillow Plump


You Sexy Mother Pucker! A pout to shout about.

I’ve said it numerous times before here on Lipstick Lounge, that I am a woman who likes anything bold, brash and outrageous when it comes to products, but there are days when I look at girls with ‘nude’ makeup and wish I could pull that off.

You have no idea how many nude lippies have ended up in my bin because I just feel they age and drain me – that is till now!

Rejoice as I have found a naughty nude I actually like.

Now, this is not an ad. I bought Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker after (and yes, this is confession time) watching an episode of TOWIE and marvelling at their glossy, glowing, nude pouts.

I know, I’m a loser but I wanted to perfect the look and this was my last ditch attempt.

At £9 from Boots, I thought I had nothing to lose but this was £9 well spent – I’ve not had the gloss off!

I went for the one named ‘Spun Sugar’ and ignored the sign that said your lips may tingle after use, thinking that would be wishful thinking.

Smeared it on to go to work and low and behold, ten minutes into my drive, my lips came alive. It wasn’t a bad feeling but it was strange – I felt like my lips were blowing up and that I would be walking into the office with a trout pout. But I liked it!

Thankfully I didn’t look like I had been winching all night, but what did happen is people actually complemented my lippy and a few said my lips did look fuller. This is no PR spin!

I think the shimmer in the colour has a lot to do with that and I did add a nude mac lip liner as at my age, gloss would be down in my chin by 11am if I didn’t give it some kind of shape, but I was seriously impressed.

It’s now become my favourite product in my make-up bag. The colour on its own is perfect for work but as it is so neutral; I’ve also put it over brighter pinks and even my plum lip shade to add some shine, to great effect.

Previously, I only bought Soap and Glory products for the bath and at Christmas, when the fight to get that giant box of goodies when it goes on offer in Boots has become just as much a tradition as turkey on December 25, but now, I will be trying out the rest of the range to unearth some more little gems. Money well spent.


Words by Laura Boyd

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