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Step into The Vault in Glasgow’s West End

There’s good news for beauty lovers in Glasgow: a new salon has opened up near the city’s bustling west end and it’s something quite special.
Joni Ewart is an accomplished hairdresser, having worked in numerous notable establishments, including Sculptor and G20, for many years, but she recently decided to take her skills and set up on her own, opening The Vault at 576 Maryhill Road.
Why The Vault? Well, the building actually used to be a bank and although it’s been given a glossy makeover, Joni has ensured many of the original features remain, including the giant iron door which led to the bank’s safe. Now it leads to a cute, calming beauty room where Karen carries out pampering sessions, massages and facials.
Using organic Eve Taylor products, I had a facial there and really noticed the difference when I left. The grey tone I feel I often have was gone and my skin had a rosy glow it hadn’t sported in a long time. I will be back!
Now the aforementioned grey skin tone is largely down to the fact I am having chemotherapy tablet treatment at the moment and as a result, last year I lost much of my hair.
It didn’t go completely but thinned out incredibly from what it was and as vain as it sounds, it really got me down.
That’s where Joni stepped in and suggested I have hair extensions put in.
I have long used clip-ins to add volume and length but wasn’t sure about having more permanent extensions added.
Joni assured me that being Easilocks, they wouldn’t damage my hair and insisted if I didn’t like them or had any issues, she would remove them straight away.
So I went for it with a view to ‘just having them for thickness and getting them cut to a bob’.
Three hours later… and I had full blown long locks and I’ve never felt better!
When Joni asked how much I wanted cut, I told her none of it! I was in love with the long hair I never thought I would have again!
Now, as I have written many times on Lipstick Lounge, I am a bit of a goth girl at heart so I feared ending up with big, bouncy curls and a long mane that made me look more wag than witchy hag – my usual go-to!
I didn’t have to worry as Joni matched the colour perfectly to the black of my hair and even added in lighter strands, In a blue and turquoise shade, to still keep that hint of weird that I love.
The beauty of Easilocks is it’s a subtle small clip that’s placed round strands of your existing hair – there’s no bonding or weaving involved.
I’ve found them comfortable to wear and approaching 9 months since having them, they are very robust!
I have had them tied up in every style imaginable and brush and style them constantly, with no damage to the hair.
They really have made a difference to how I look and feel and I can’t thank Joni enough for that.
The Vault also offers everything from nails to tans to make-up for every occasion. It’s a bustling beauty find and I would definitely recommend delving into this pampering Vault.

Words by Laura Boyd