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Benefit’s BADgal BANG! is out of this world

We all know Benefit does great mascaras: They’re Real is an absolute game changer when it comes to creating lash length, but how does their latest release, BADgal BANG! compare?

Well, I would go as far as to say it’s even better than its predecessor – controversial, I know.

Let’s take the wand- it’s long and flexible and reaches those awkward small lashes you can never get to, instantly lifting and opening your peepers. I now appear to have lashes I never knew existed!

It’s said to have a ‘gravity-defying formula’ which includes aero-particles – one of the lightest raw materials known to man (derived from space technology).

In short, you can layer it up and it doesn’t appear clumpy or heavy AND it lasts like I’ve never had a mascara last before, even though I rub my eyes. A LOT! No more looking like I’ve been punched by the end of the working day – hurrah!

Also – BADgal BANG! lasts. Is it said to provide 36 hours of volume.

Now, I’ve not put that theory to the test just yet. As much as I love my parting, I have still managed to clean my makeup off at night and haven’t quite managed an all-nighter in a long time but, it’s always good to know and certainly takes you from day-to-night, without having to reapply.

Its slick and a great all-round mascara which gives volume, length and definition in style.

In short, this Bad gal thinks it’s banging and it’s become an instant addition to my makeup favs.

Benefit’s BADgal Bang! is £21.50 and available from House of Fraser, Boots and more, plus the website

Words by Laura Boyd