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Holiday Essentials

Summer essentials to keep you looking cool as temperatures soar 

I don’t know about you but when I go on holiday I like to ditch my usual warpaint in favour of a lighter, fresher look that’s quick and easy to apply. Let’s face it; often by the time you get the slap on on holiday, half of it has melted away anyway!

So I thought I would give you a sneak peek into the summer beauty essentials I will be packing, as I head off for sunnier climes. First up – I’m Scottish and although by the end of the holiday I usually manage to look a little less blue than when I left; I hate those awkward first days when my white skin blinds those bronzed beach goers.

So… I fake it. Yes, I have even been known to mix a little fake tan into my after sun for added glow and the tan I like to do this with is Fake Bake’s Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum.It’s so easy to apply, light to touch and doesn’t have that smelly biscuit scent we’re all too familiar with!

The colour is natural enough to not giveaway my fake tan secret, but visible enough to allow me to feel a little more confident when I bring on the bikinis

It’s available for £29.95 on

Next up – the daytime look. I have tried numerous waterproof mascaras and I’m yet to find one that either doesn’t result in me looking like a panda or that is so waterproof, I end up with two weeks’ worth on my peepers as I can’t get it off!

So, I now opt to have semi-permanent eyelashes. I know, they aren’t always the best for your eyes but if you got to a reputable salon and take care of them, having them removed properly (and not pulling them off yourself as if often so tempting) they are a godsend at the beach. I visit Nailz2u in Bishopbriggs for this service.

In my 30s, I am more aware than ever of the lines that seem to multiply around my eyes and mouth every time I look in the mirror so I like to ensure I use a good Factor 50 moisturiser during the day.

For that, I turn to Elizabeth Arden’s PRO Triple Action Protector SPF 50. Now, it isn’t cheap. This costs £59, but you can’t put a price on your skin and I believe this is an important investment piece.

When it comes to night time, I turn to a host of Benefit delights to help enhance my glow (and hide any patches of sunburn!).

I like to use the Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup as it is so light and doesn’t mask any colour I have gained throughout the day, yet gives me a smooth, natural look. It comes in at £26.

I also like to ensure my brows stand out, to keep my face framed, so I use Gimme Brow number 3 to help my fair little maidens look fuller. This is available for £20.

I then swipe a smear of Posie Tint (£25.50) to both my cheeks and lips for a subtle, dewy finish and I am ready to head off and enjoy that sangria.


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