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Know Cosmetics

No more skin worries with Know Cosmetics? 


I’ve made no secret of the fact that battling dark under-eye shadows is my biggest bugbear when it comes to my complexion, so when a new concealer sample finds its way into Lipstick Lounge’s mail bag, I quickly make sure I volunteer myself to review it.

I’ve tried lots of different formulas, from the beauty editors’ favourite – YSL’s Touche Éclat – to my own everyday budget beauty favourite, L’Oréal‘s True Match Touche Magique, so I know what I like when it comes to getting the right complexion perfector.

I want a product that’s creamy, light to use and easily sinks into my skin, and doesn’t leave that horrible ‘mask-like’ residue that’s a real giveaway to the fact you’ve got concealer on.

This time I was trying out Know Cosmetics from USA brand Sephora, which I hadn’t previously heard of. But hearing that the company sells a product every two minutes in North America, I was certainly up for seeing what the hype was about.

This ‘solution based’ cosmetics line targets key problem areas many of us face day-to-day: dark circles, bleeding lips, thin lips and bare brows.

No Dark Shadows is the product I was keen to get my hands on. It’s a multipurpose concealer you can use not only to conceal imperfections and shadows, but also to highlight those areas you actually want to draw attention to – such as along the jaw or cheekbone, or under the eyebrows.

It’s a lovely creamy formula with only a tiny bit needed in order to get an impressive coverage (don’t make the mistake of using too much as I did the first time!) and voila – my dark circles were gone! It also lasted pretty well throughout the day (though I’d reapply it if wearing if going from work to a night out.)

Being waterproof is also a bonus – no one wants makeup sliding off their face in the gym, and with ‘gym makeup’ being big business just now (yes really!), this is a definite plus for a product.

My only criticisms would be that the application twist pen seemed a little stiff to use, and next time rather than the ‘Wow’ shade for rosy toned skin, I’d probably opt for Pizazz (yellow tones).
But overall I was very impressed with the formula, and I’m looking forward to giving the No Bleeding Lips (secret lip liner) a good run-through next… Stay tuned for my feedback!

No Dark Shadows is £15 from Superdrug, which exclusively stocks Know Cosmetics in the UK. Find out more here:


Words by Gill Harvey

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