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Are You Ready For This Jelly? Lush Launches Jelly Face Masks
When you think of a face mask, you don’t think of jelly… It just seems weird, right?I admit I thought this too when little pots of Lush’s new Jelly Face Masks – all of which have great names such as Bunny Moon – popped through the letterbox.

But here’s the thing: these clever little masks are packed to the rafters with tons of natural ingredients in a self-preserving formula, made with a hydrating carrageenan base, which is what gives the mask its wobbly texture.

I wasn’t convinced I was going to like the feel of the jelly consistency on my face. But a little scoop of the formula quickly blends into a cream between the hands and is applied just like any other mask.

Pick from formulas that will exfoliate (Just to Clarify is the one to try) or moisturise (Bunny Moon is perfect), tone (1000 Millihelens) or calm (Birth of Venues).

I personally loved the scent of FOMO, a mask I opted to try because of its soothing properties, thanks to its blend of calamine and carrageenan.

There’s no need to refrigerate these masks and they come in small pots, so they’re ideal for weekends away or travelling. I’ll be making sure to pop one into my carry-on case to target any annoying holiday flare-up.




Words By Gill Harvey

Categories: Product Reviews