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This Works!

Perfect Legs? Yes please!
I might have found my favourite go-to product for summer…None of us like being caught with pasty legs when the sun finally decides to break through, and if like me you aren’t blessed with naturally bronzed pins, and haven’t had time to fake tan, I’m sure you’ll be quite a fan of thisworks’s Perfect Legs Skin Protector too.

Not only is this a tinted serum that gives legs a lovely natural tanned appearance, but it’s also a sun protector, boasting an SPF30 .

I first tried the spray-on formula on an unusually sunny morning just before I headed out to work. Deciding to ditch my jeans last minute for a summer dress, I needed something quick and easy to apply.

And I can honestly say this is really simple to use. After giving the bottle a quick shake, a few sprays is all you need to turn pale skin from ghostly to glowing (thanks to the natural caramel extract and mica, which help provide a gentle shimmer.)

Ignore the initially rather dark colour that sprays out; a quick massage into the skin, and you’ll be left with a light golden colour that’s much more natural. Just 30 seconds later and you’re fine to get dressed.

It smells good too thanks to the botanical oils in the formula, and the hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E make Perfect Legs Skin Protector really moisturising too. It’s a lifesaver after hiding away my pins all winter!

No fuss with immediate results, you really can’t go wrong with this. If I had one piece of advice, it’d be to apply the spray in the bath or shower to minimise any mess!

I’ll be popping it into my suitcase this summer for instant confidence before I’ve even hit the beach – and as a top-up before nights out too.


·         Perfect Legs Skin Protector SPF 30 RRP £40 for 120ml



Words By Gill Harvey

Categories: Product Reviews