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I’m a bit guilty of neglecting parts of my body that aren’t on show – and at this time of year, as winter swiftly draws in, that definitely includes my legs, which are often hidden under heavy tights or jeans and boots. 

So, getting the chance to sample a few products from Margaret Dabbs – the range which specialises in luxury hand, foot and leg care – was a brilliant excuse to give my legs some much needed TLC.

I started off my pamper night in with the Toning Leg Scrub (£37.50 for 200g), a product which is clinically prove to improve the appearance and comfort of legs by reducing water content and ‘adipose tissue’ (body fat). 

This thick, grainy scrub felt amazing on my legs as it sloughed away my dry, neglected skin, while the oil rich formula left my legs feeling silky and moisturised. But this scrub does much more than just that: it can also improve circulation, reduces heaviness and swelling in the legs, and can even improve the appearance of cellulite on the legs. Not bad, eh? 

I also tried out the Black Leg Masque (£45 for 200g). The pleasantly scented thick black charcoal mask was applied from my ankles up to my thighs. Cleverly, this mask changes colour to a light grey tone after the required 10-15 minute treatment time is up. 

Immediately upon application I felt a lovely cooling sensation, which felt amazing on my tired tired legs, post gym workout. I can just imagine this would be a dream product for anyone who’s on their feet all day. 

The de-puffing and anti-ageing formula is proven to improve the appearance and comfort of the legs, again by reducing water content and fatty tissue, and the ‘V-Tonic’ essential oil complex also promote healthy circulation, while the activate charcoal formula clears any impurities on the skin. 

Within half an hour, my legs felt amazing; invigorated, moisturised, and as if a weight had been lifted off them.

I loved the results I got after just one use, but I know the best results are still to come with continued use. 

And as we near the end of the year and party season, what better excuse for making sure my pins are looking their very best? 

Margaret Dabbs products are available from Margaret Dabbs  London – Luxury Foot, Hand & Leg Experts

Words By Gill Harvey